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What Do You Think?

January 5, 2011

As I was perusing the internet the other day, I came across these gems. 

Now, I have a hard time finding things to make for men, as most crocheters do.  It’s easy to find cute, fun patterns for girl items.  I saw this and laughed out loud.  I thought it was awesome.  Would anyone actually buy it though?  Hmmm….this one is up for debate.  Especially because I “only make cute things.”  Does this qualify?  Not too sure a man would want to wear something “cute.”  I might have to revise that statement to I “only make cool things.”  What do you think about this hat?  Which style is your favorite?

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  1. Karen permalink
    January 14, 2011 2:58 pm

    I LOVE it! Hahaha!


  2. Denise permalink
    April 16, 2011 5:55 pm

    I love these! So funny……are you planning to share the patterns?


    • April 18, 2011 10:48 am

      I don’t know yet about sharing patterns, but I’m definitely considering it as I have scoured the internet and have not been able to find a pattern that I like. 🙂


  3. October 20, 2011 8:46 pm

    my son loves the top pic. Can you create one just like this?


  4. Mindy permalink
    November 8, 2011 6:39 pm

    I really love it. I am not sure if I could figure out the pattern though from the picture. 😦 I have been searching online and can’t seem to find it. Hmmmm….do you have one? Or have you tried it yet?


    • November 9, 2011 9:59 am

      I have worked one up, you can see it here. Mine is a little different as some of the hats in the picture are knitted, and I only crochet. I found a pattern that was worked in rows instead of rounds (from “The Crochet Dude’s Designs for Guys”) that made the ribbed look, and I made up the pattern for the beard. There are a few beard patterns online that are free, but none are completely like the one that I made or the pictures. I’ll send you an email with the links for beard patterns.

      Thanks for visiting my site!


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