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Apple Scrapple Festival

October 15, 2012

Our time at Apple Scrapple at the Trinity Craft Show this past weekend was a success.  We arrived shortly before 7am and got everything set up and ready to go.  We took a quick jaunt around the rest of the craft show to look at the other vendors before customers started showing up.  I was pleased to see that we had a lot of unique things at our booth that were not found anywhere else in the craft show.

I loved our setup.  It was inviting and attractive.  I learned that even if you bring a few items you probably won’t sell, it still might be worth bringing them to attract attention to your booth.  For example, I didn’t sell a single stuffed animal, but a lot of people stopped by to admire them, which caused them to slow down and take a look at what else we had.

The Apple and Pumpkin Hats garnered a lot of attention.  Countless people stopped by to admire how “cute” or “adorable” they were.  Unfortunately, about half these people had no use for an Infant Hat.  🙂  I did sell a total of 14 hats, most of them were the Pumpkin ones.

And they didn’t even buy one… lol

Out of all the scarves and neck warmers I brought, I only sold one.  Even though I lowered the price after a few hours.  The bright side of not selling them is that now I have some inventory to put towards Christmas orders.  If you’re reading this and are interested in placing an order for Christmas, please contact me!

I did sell a few of the Soda Tab Bracelets.  Since those are easy and fast to make, I will most definitely be having those at a future craft show.

My partner and sales executive, Rachel, did an amazing job promoting my business and did great in her own sales on cookies.  Her Caramel Apple Cookies sold out by 10am!  We provided samples of her cookies, which also brought in a lot of people to our booth.  Her cookies were so delicious and it was fun to watch people’s eyes light up as they tasted them.  Some of them immediately shared the sample with someone who was with them.  She almost sold out of all the cookies she brought.

Over halfway done! (If you look to the left, you can see the cookie sign has been “adjusted.” 🙂

All in all, it was a successful day and I will probably attend again next year (though the verdict is still out), especially if my lovely sales executive will once again join me.

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