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What I’ve Been Up To

February 27, 2013

I’ve been really busy lately.  While my orders have temporarily died down some (I only have 4 I’m currently working on), I’ve been busy doing a lot of other crochet-related things!  As you might have noticed, I have recently published three separate crochet patterns.  So far, I’ve only sold one, but I figure that’s a good start.  I wasn’t expecting numerous and exploding sales right away.

I am currently working on another pattern that is really extensive, so a portion of my crocheting time has been spent working on that.  I hope to have it completed by the end of March.  I’m hoping that’s not too lofty a goal.  🙂  It was on a temporary standstill as I was waiting for a yarn order, but I got my text message alerts from Wal-Mart today informing me that 2 of my yarn orders are in!  Hooray!

I am also currently involved in a giveaway at Thistles and Tulips Crochet.  I am giving away all 3 of my patterns to one lucky winner.  Visit Thistles and Tulips Crochet Facebook page for more details.

As a result of aforementioned giveaway, my Facebook fans have “skyrocketed.”  I ended last week with 121 likes on my Facebook page, and I’m rapidly approaching 300.  Since most of these likes are a result of trying to win my patterns, I’m thinking it would be a good business move to publish some more.  The trick will be finding time to write them out and test them, as well as photographing the process.

I have a couple ideas for brand new patterns as well!  On top of all this pattern writing going on (in addition to my trickling orders), I am trying to get some Easter hats ready.  I’m also starting to seriously think about craft shows I’ll be attending in October and December.  Keeping busy!

Another goal that I have is to eventually open an online store.  However, I need to build up my inventory first, so that is another thing I’m working on.  Yes, I have my finger in many “crochet” pots.

When I first decided to sell my crochet, I was a little worried that I would get sick of it and not want to do it anymore.  While I’ve definitely established what I like to crochet and what I do not (amigurumi and blankets are my least favorite so far), I found and continue to find that I love it!  I do it so often while watching movies and tv, that when I sit down to watch something without crochet, I feel like I’m being really lazy!  🙂

I love creating new things and I’m really enjoying this new venture into writing patterns. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for me in the realm of crochet!

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