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Crochet Blahs

April 8, 2013

I just got back from vacation!  It was marvelous.  I spent a week with my family, basking in the 70+° weather of So Cal.  Once I arrived back home, the weather in my area had finally decided that maybe it was Spring after all.  I’m pretty sure I have spring fever right now.  I’m not really in a mood to crochet!  Although, perhaps later tonight when I’m sitting on the couch watching a movie, I will once again be in the mood.  Until then, I’m going to enjoy my mini break!  On a bright note, I got 3 hats done while on vacation (most while in the airplane or airport).  Not too bad.  🙂

New item will be posted later this week!  Hopefully.  😉

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  1. thedahliascene permalink
    April 9, 2013 2:35 pm

    There is something wonderful about being in Southern California although I live here so I get kind of annoyed by the weather all the time haha.


    • April 9, 2013 3:07 pm

      I love So Cal! I grew up there, but now live on the east coast. I like it here too. 🙂 We get four seasons here, but sometimes I just want my warm, sunny days! 😀


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