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June 13, 2013

I am so sorry for my neglect in posting.  Life has gotten in the way!  🙂

So much has been going on, it might get a little crazy, so I think I’ll list it all out.  I love lists.  🙂

1)  My Gimli Inspired Helmet and Beard Crochet Pattern is doing great!  I get so excited every time one is purchased, I’m sure it’s rather comical to those people who get to hear me gush about it.  I did not have high expectations for pattern sales, but I did set a few goals.  Sales have exceeded my expectations.  This makes me very happy.

2)  I’ve been trying to work on a new pattern – one that I think will be great for summer.  However, it’s not quite turning out how I envisioned, so it will need some major tweaking.  I’m thinking I’ll probably get it finished sometime around September.  lol

3)  I’ve been working very hard on my items for the craft show in conjunction with Apple Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville, DE and the craft show a few months after that, Christmas in Bridgeville.  I think I am approaching completion of my Apple Scrapple items, which means I can move on to Christmas items!  It will be Christmas in July!  lol  So fun.

4)  I am planning on using my newly acquired Thirty-One items to organize my yarn stash.  I’ve been destashing, and I must say it’s quite amazing how much yarn I have that I didn’t buy, but still haven’t used.  I have about 2 bags to give away, and my cabinet is still so stuffed full, I’m not sure I can fit any more yarn in there.  I might have to do another destashing.  🙂

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