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May I Take My Crochet Hooks On the Plane?

August 9, 2013

Mother, may I take my crochet hooks through airport security?  Please, Mother, May I?

I have come across this question numerous times in the crochet groups that I am a part of on Facebook.  Due to the ever-changing flight policies, everyone is unsure what is and what isn’t allowed.  For a while, regulations were really strict.  Back in 2010, I had to take plastic hooks with me when flying across the U.S. because aluminum/metal hooks weren’t allowed.

However, when I flew in April of 2013, it was a different story all together.  Not only were aluminum crochet hooks allowed, they even allowed certain kinds of scissors!  I was not stopped at security one time, and they didn’t even slow my bags down on the conveyor belt.

When flying domestic in the United States, knitting needles and all kinds of crochet hooks are acceptable.  I told a friend of mine this was the case, and her husband called the TSA (or perhaps Alaskan Airlines?) to make sure.  Evidently the man he talked to didn’t know the rules and told him they were not permitted.  This is why I always suggest that you take a copy of the webpage that gives permission.  🙂 (In searching the Alaskan Airlines site, it does not mention knitting needles or crochet hooks at all)

In doing research for this post, I found that several countries allow needles, hooks, and even scissors.  You can check out the different regulations for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  It also appears that Greece and several other European countries do not allow your needlepoint work through security.  I suggest that you either invest in some plastic hooks, or plan on putting these items in your checked baggage when visiting these countries.  When traveling to several countries, it is advised that you check each country’s policies for knitting needles and crochet hooks before packing for your trip.  🙂  FreshStitches had a great post on this topic (it has a few extra tips)!

For those who get into a panic over what kinds of scissors are allowed, I just skip that step all together and take a good, sturdy pair of nail clippers.  They do the job that I need while traveling, take up hardly any space, and if they get confiscated, I’ll just buy a new little pair from the dollar store!  lol  This dollar store option would be viable for a small pair of scissors as well, I’m sure.

If you’re worried about your items being confiscated or not allowed, I suggest the following:

1.  Print out the page from the Airport/Country’s website that states these items are allowed.  The person checking your bags might not be aware of this rule, so having a printed copy will help your case.  These links will take you directly to the page stating their acceptability:
TSA/United States
United Kingdom

2.  Do not bring your favorite, most expensive hooks (or needles) with you when flying.  In case of confiscation, you don’t want to be devastated that your $60 hook is now gone.  Bring ones that can be easily replaced if needed.

3.  If you’re really worried about losing your hooks, bring along a self-addressed envelope for mailing them to yourself.  While this is an expensive “fix,” it will allow you to keep your items.

For all the traveling I’ll be doing, it looks like I’m good to go!  Happy travels, and happy crocheting! ♥


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