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Countdown… 7.5 Weeks

August 21, 2013

And the countdown begins!  Only a mere 7.5 weeks until Apple Scrapple arrives!  I’m feeling pretty good about my to-do list.  Only 14 things on the list (with three of them as WIPs right now).  Making good progress on that.  

I finally found some great shelves for my craft show set up.  I attempted to get this cool folding shelf from Home Goods, but I waited entirely too long to get back to the store and it was no longer present.  As part of my birthday gift, my husband offered to build a shelf that would be easily portable, and I loved that idea.  We went on the search for small wooden ladders, only to find that they really don’t sell those at regular stores anymore. On a whim, we stopped by Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and walked out with two shelves that were cheaper than the one shelf I was originally going to buy!  (I must add here that I was very proud of myself for avoiding their very awesome book section).

One is a folding shelf.  The shelves fold up and the sides fold in, making it flat for transportation.  It’s also very lightweight and not super tall.  I’m considering placing it on top of one of the tables for height and eye-catchiness.  🙂  The other shelf is one of those leaning ladder shelves that have several tiers with different sized shelves.  My husband will have to create away for it to become free standing, but I’m so excited about this.

While on one of my favorite Facebook Crochet groups, someone gave me a great marketing idea for the Indoor Frisbees (Pattern by Playin’ Hooky Designs), so now I’m trying to come up with a place for customer to attempt to through the frisbees in or through for candy or a discount (haven’t decided which yet).

As always, I’ve been busy crocheting, here are a few things I’ve created since my last posting:

August 004

A couple of “Layla” Scarves.

August 008

Indoor Frisbees – Pattern by Playin’ Hooky Designs.


August 017

Strata Beanie – Pattern by Playin’ Hooky Designs


August 018

Strata Beanie – Pattern by Playin’ Hooky Designs

August 022

Sorry for the blurry pic, I was in a hurry. This is about 2/3 of what I have ready for the show! Still a little more to come. 🙂


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