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Christmas in Bridgeville 2013

December 9, 2013

Craft show success!  We had a great time at our craft show this past Saturday.  We made a few sales (We met our low goal, but wished we had done better), and had a lot of admiration for our things.  🙂

December 060

December 061

This mother walked around the entire show with her baby wearing the hat she had purchased.  🙂  We got some extra interest that way!

December 062

December 064

Highlight of the day?
As a customer draw, we will throw crocheted frisbees at people who look bored (or children), once they’re looking at us, of course.  We were playing frisbee with one little boy (probably around 7 years old).  He really wanted a frisbee, so I dropped the price from $7 to $5 for him.  He immediately sat on the floor, pulled out a pocketful of change and started counting it.  I could see he didn’t have enough, and though I wanted to just give it to him for what he could afford, I figured that wasn’t good business practice, nor was it teaching him good things.  🙂  His mom took over, however, and gave him the remaining money.  He walked away a proud owner of a frisbee.  🙂

December 065

December 067

This little girl carefully browsed everything.  She’d try on hats and giggle and giggle.  It was rather adorable, and I was slightly disappointed that her mom didn’t buy her anything.  🙂

December 068

Yes, the beard got lots of strange looks which quickly turned to smirks and smiles.  We drew a lot of interest (we took turns wearing different ones).  Unfortunately, no one actually bought one, though many expressed interest.  🙂

December 069

To my surprise, and delight (under the circumstances – with being pregnant and having a party at my house that evening), the show was over at 3pm instead of the expected 4pm (I must have not read the paper carefully).  This actually gave me time to get home and get some more preparation done for the party!  🙂

December 071

December 073

December 076

All smiles after a successful day!

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