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Plans for 2014

January 9, 2014

I refrain from calling these resolutions.  I rarely make resolutions, but I definitely have some business plans for the year.  Some of them are related to just being able to clear out the room I will be using as a nursery (which is currently my yarn, business, catch-all room).  We have started this process and just last night I came up with a good alternate place for yarn storage.  Now to get the organizing done.  🙂

1.  Do a major de-stash of my yarn stash to make it all fit in it’s new home.  The process has been started, but I fear that I may have to de-stash more than originally intended.  lol

2.  Consolidate and find a new place for all my craft show and business paraphernalia.

3.  Write up several new patterns.  I started on one of them last night!  I’d love to do a new pattern each month, but looking at some of my ideas, and the time involved, that is most likely rather optimistic (especially with a baby arriving mid-year).  🙂

4.  Continue crochet lessons, eventually expanding them once my baby is born.

I also have several items that I am still making decisions on:  expanding my etsy store, starting up a storenvy store, etc.  I’m excited to see what this year will hold for Warming the Heart!  I’m really excited about all my pattern ideas (most of which are completely unique), now if I could only find time to work on them!  🙂

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