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If You Give a Girl a Crochet Hook

September 15, 2016

My daughter has been on a “Give a Mouse” book kick.  We’ve read almost all of the different books that Laura Numeroff has written.  I got “inspired,” so to speak, and decided to write a crocheter’s version.  It isn’t very good, but thought I’d share anyway.  🙂

If You Give a Girl a Crochet Hook
(idea from Laura Numeroff, poem by Rebekah Bowers)

If you give a girl a crochet hook, she’s going to want some yarn to go with it.
When you bring her the yarn, she’ll probably ask what other colors you have.
When you show her the other colors, she’ll remember a pattern she’s been wanting to try.
She’ll ask to borrow your computer.

When she’s online, she finds 3 other patterns she likes.
You won’t have the yarn color(s) she wants, so you’ll have to take her to the craft store.
While at the craft store, she’ll go a little crazy and buy tons of yarn.
When you finally get her home, she’ll have to find new places for all her yarn.
When finding places for her yarn, she’ll find of stack of old patterns she had printed.
Seeing the patterns will remind her of the yarn you gave her earlier.
So, she’ll probably ask for it.

And chances are, if you give her the yarn, she’s going to want a crochet hook to go with it.

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