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Color Changing

December 13, 2019

I shared a while ago that I was experimenting with fair isle and the center single crochet or waistcoat stitch. I am currently creating a free pattern for a cute and simple fair isle baby hat. (It is making me remember that baby smell and their tiny features)

Anyways… recently on our Instagram page(@warming.the.heart), a user had a comment about color changing. I shared a photo tutorial of the method I use when changing colors in my fair isle patterns. I thought I would share that here as well, just in case it could help someone else in their crochet journey.

I carry (or crochet over) the color not being used so I do not have to cut & weave so much. (It also creates a clean wrong side) If you are carrying more than one color, the hat can become stiff, so consider using a larger hook size or carrying only when needed for a large portion and dropping at the “seam”.

1) Using color 1 (blue) for next stitch, insert the hook and pull up a loop.

2) Drop color 1, pick up color 2 (white) and finish the stitch.

3) Insert the hook into the next stitch and pull up a loop with color 2.

4) Drop color 2, pick up color 1 and finish the stitch.

That is all there is to it!


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