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Rippled Timberline Pattern Release

December 16, 2019


We are so excited today!  If you imagine jumping up and down, random squeals, and giddiness, then you might touch the surface of our excitement.  Today is the day our pattern, that we wrote jointly, is being published on The Hook Nook blog!

When we first heard we were accepted as guest bloggers on Jessica’s blog back in September, we could hardly contain the amazement and excitement.  As the pattern took shape and things started to fall together, it still seemed rather surreal.  Finally, the day of the pattern release is here and we are beyond thrilled with the support of those who follow our social media accounts.


Our Rippled Timberline pattern was written by myself and Rachel together.  I wrote portions and she wrote portions and we merged them together for a one of a kind pattern.  The beanie pattern also includes a modification for a messy bun hat style as well!


Head on over to the blog post to read about some of our maker journey and to see the pattern.  Don’t crochet?  You still may have fun reading the blog.  Love the hat?  There are a few listed in our Etsy shop and we also will take orders!

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