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Quiver Photo Prop – a Free Crochet Pattern

January 10, 2020

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. For us in the crafting business, this means we are working on our Valentine’s Day projects now. You may find crocheted projects for bow ties…hearts…and banners, but have you seen the Quiver photo prop? We wanted to create a piece that was adorable and also appealing to boys. This quiver is just the thing. What little boy wouldn’t want to pose with a bow and a quiver full of arrows?


Let’s get started on this adorable toy/ photo prop!
Quiver Photo Prop

J hook
Vanna’s choice chocolate (or other worsted weight yarn)
Sewing needle
2 buttons ( 0.5″)

MC -magic circle
DC – double crochet
ch – chain
SC -single crochet
Quiver Body
Gauge is not important for this pattern.
Finished quiver measures about 8.5″ long

Magic circle
Round 1: 8 DC in MC, join to first DC, ch 2 (pull mc tight) (8 st – 1”)

Round 2: 2 DC in each DC (16st) Join to first DC, ch 2 (2”)

Round 3: 1 DC in first, 2 DC in next, repeat around. (24st) Join to first DC, ch 2 (2.75”)

Rounds 4-15 : 1 DC in each DC around. (24 st) Join to first DC, ch 2

Round 16: 1 DC in each DC around (24 st) Join to first DC, ch 7

Round 17: SC in second ch from hook & in each ch (6sc) Continue to SC in each stitch around. (30st total) ch 1, turn
NOTE: You will be going around the quiver in the opposite direction.

Round 18: SC in each SC around. (30 st) Ch 2, turn.

Round 19: *Ch 2 counts as first DC. DC in each SC around. (30 st) Ch 1, turn.

Round 20: SC in each DC around. (30 st) Ch 1, turn.

Round 21: SC in each SC around. (30 st) Fasten off & weave in end.

With yarn needle and length of yarn, sew button to the top of the quiver body, near where you fastened off. Button flap closed.


Strap measures about 23″.

Count 15 st in from where you fastened off on quiver body.
Insert hook & attach with an SC in the 15th st. See photos below:

NOTE: A turning chain is not required for the strap.

Row 1: SC in next 5, (6st). Turn.

Rows 2-104 : SC in each SC across. (6st) Turn.

Row 105: SC in each SC across. (6st) Fasten off & weave in ends.

Add a button to the end of the strap for adjustable attachment. If the strap is laying flat down the back of the quiver, put the button on the side facing you and at the furthest point away from the quiver body.

Now, let your little one put that quiver to good use!

If you would like the free pdf version of this pattern, visit Rachel’s ravelry store!

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