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Handmade Harvest Festival 2020

OCTOBER 22-25, 2020

Welcome to the Handmade Harvest Festival! Below you will find information and links for many wonderful shops! We have listed them in alphabetical order.
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Ames Handmade Designs

Ames Handmade Designs brings hand made wood burned art to your home, office, or as a perfect gift for your friends and/or loved ones!


Amy is the face and maker of all Ames Handmade Designs pieces located in Rhode Island! When Amy isn’t wood burning, you can always find her with her trusty boxer, Otis, by her side, running her sign shop or enjoying the outdoors! You can follow her journey on Instagram @ames_handmade_designs

The Bisque Belle

The Bisque Belle focuses on beautiful, quality and functional pottery that can be used every day. We hope our pieces find their way into your home and bring you as much joy as they brought us in the process of creating them.


After some travel and a few adventures, Dani moved to Richmond, VA and fell madly in love with pottery. She now resides south of the city with her fiancé and their cat creating functional pottery. When she isn’t in the studio, she enjoys rowing, knitting and crochet. You can find her on Instagram @thebisquebelle

Boho North

Boho North represents relaxed, minimalist jewelry that is handmade and inspired by positive vibes.


Kaye is the owner and designer and has been making handmade jewelry for over 10 years. She took her hobby and made it into a business, launching her website in August. She recently started making Polymer clay earrings which has turned into a real passion. Outside of Boho North, she is mother to her son Rhodes and lives in New England where she enjoys walks with her family, beach days, reading, and cooking.  Learn more about her through her Instagram page, @boho_north.

Chalia’s Craft

Chalia’s Craft offers crochet patterns for the home and more, as well as beautiful handcrafted jewelry for earring lovers.


Chalia is the fiber artist behind Chalia’s Craft. She not only crochets, but she also enjoys other crafts, including, but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpting, and sewing. When she isn’t creating, she enjoys spending her leisure time in a cozy setting drinking teas, and eating delicious foods. Her Instagram tag is @chalias_craft

Crochet Qutie

Crochet Qutie endeavors to provide cute and thoughtful crochet accessories and patterns. 


Helen is a daughter of the king of Kings and Lord of Lords. She was born in New Jersey, but has lived in Miami, Florida for the last 28 years. The beach is her happy place! She has a wonderful husband of 38 years and 2 grown sons, 32 and 35. Helen is a 25 year veteran preschool teacher who loves to craft with a passion for crochet. Her creations can be found on her Instagram page @crochet_qutie.

Cuddle Bunny Knits

Cuddle Bunny Knits specializes in cozy knits for adults, littles, and the home.


Amanda is the creator and creative hands of Cuddle Bunny Knits. She started her business 4 years ago, although she has been knitting for close to 28 years now. She lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and young son. You can find Amanda on Instagram @cuddlebunnyknits.

Inked In Style

Inked in Style offers colorful home decor items hand painted with alcohol ink. 


Jen is the artist and creative mind behind Inked in Style. She lives just outside of Washington, DC, with her husband and two daughters. The craft and concept behind Inked in Style was founded out of necessity during quarantine. Although Jen has had creative tendencies all her life, she needed to define a space and activity to call her own. She’s fallen in love with the alcohol ink medium and all it’s unpredictabilities.  
Sales:10% off store wide. Discounts automatically applied. Her instagram page is @inkedinstyle


RockYouWear keeps you feeling close and connected to nature with their hand carved rock and pebble jewelry.

Use code HARVEST10 for 10% off your order. Good through Oct 31st.

Husband and wife, Brandon and Samantha, create one of a kind beach rock and pebble jewelry. Located in Rhode Island (so appropriately called The Ocean State), they enjoy combing the local beaches with their two sons for the perfect rocks to turn into jewelry. You can see how their jewelry is made and much more on their Instagram page @rockyouwear

Sweet Retreat Alchemy

Sweet Retreat provides aromatherapy and other tools to make self care and energy shifting accessible and easy to incorporate into your routines.


Sweet Retreat Alchemy was created in 2018 by Katie Marie. Based in Athens, Georgia, Katie Marie studies and creates products with high quality essential oils and other ingredients with people seeking tools for self care. Making these products accessible and easy to use is top priority for Katie Marie and Sweet Retreat. Katie Marie also enjoys nature walks and hikes, traveling, binging all the shows on Netflix, and spending time with her family. Follow Katie’s journey @sweetretreatalchemy on Instagram.

Twisted Pine Jewelry

Twisted Pine focuses on highlighting the beauty and simplicity of raw stones and wood with edgy metal accents. Each stone carries their own special properties which can help promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Which one speaks to you? 

10% off with code: INSTA.

Located in the woods of New Hampshire, Sarah uses the inspiration of the nature she is surrounded by to create. Aside from her art that also serves as therapy, she enjoys bird watching, visiting breweries and spending time with her Husband and fur baby. Find her on Instagram @twistedpinejewelry

Warming the Heart

Warming the Heart aims to bring cozy into your daily life through warm and stylish crochet accessories.

20% discount on orders $40 and up. No code needed

Rebekah and Rachel are the faces of Warming the Heart.  Located in the small state of Delaware, they enjoy the proximity of beaches, the small communities, and a taste of country life.  Outside of crocheting and designing, they enjoy other crafts and intellectual pursuits, taking care of their families, and getting together as often as possible.

We hope you enjoy our Handmade Harvest Festival. Please share on your social media accounts to spread the word! Please visit again soon, we are so happy to have you.

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