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Ocean Waves Market Bag – Spotlight!

May 25, 2020

Guess what?!  You can get my Ocean Waves Market Bag pattern for FREE today only!  We once again have the privilege to be highlighted as the maker spotlight on today’s post at Pineapple and PinePineapple and Pine is an amazing crochet community, lifting others up, providing fun and fashionable crochet alongs, and helping crocheters promote their patterns.  Today, they are highlighting my Ocean Waves Market Bag crochet pattern.  Visit their Instagram page or their blog and find out how you can get a FREE download.


Let me tell you a little about this pretty market bag.  When I started out to design a market bag, I had a specific goal in mind. Most of my experience with crocheted market bags have gone as follows: take a beautiful empty bag, fill said bag with groceries or items, bag is now hanging at your knees. My goal with designing this bag was to have more structure and less “stretchiness” when in use, but still maintain the adorable lacy look of so many market bags. While the finished design of the bag still has some stretch, my goal was accomplished and the stretch is minimal.  The beautifully braided straps are comfortable and cushy while providing an element of “wow” to the bag.  I think the straps may be my favorite part.


My mission was accomplished and now, I have a beautiful, functional, not-too-stretchy bag that is great for throwing in all the little odds and ends for trips to the beach or to my own yard (you’d be surprised how many items I try to carry around my yard otherwise).

July 370

Being that I wrote a pattern for this bag, you can make one too!  If you don’t crochet, we do have a few ready to ship bags available in our Etsy shop.  Speaking of Etsy, we are having a Memorial Day weekend sale right now.  All ready to ship items are 25% discounted and all patterns are 30% discounted (patterns in Ravelry are also on sale)!


Prairie Breeze Handbag -New Pattern

May 12, 2020

I have been so lax in posting lately. I have released two new patterns and never posted a blog post about them!

So, introducing the Prairie Breeze Handbag! My daughter is thrilled with this little purse and for good reason as she had a strong influence in its design. When I first was talking with her about making a matching purse for her new dress, I had intended to make up a purse in the style I had released earlier this year. So, I got my prototype out and was asking what colors she wanted. “No. I want a purse like my other church purse. Like this one. ” She goes running over and brings it to me (swipe to see). So, I set out to make a similar-shaped little purse. As I was making it, it evolved a Iittle. The purple section was added and then turned into a pocket on the outside. She was thrilled. Yesterday I shared how I made the handles, but I involved my daughter in the process. I explained the different ideas I had for handles and she chose the one that she liked best (which happily was my favorite as well). The end result is loved by both of us.

This adorable little handbag is quick to work up, has gorgeous detail, and children love it. The lacy detail on the front provides a little pocket for treasures and instructions are included for variation of the handles.
The handles shown are a type of rope made with the same yarn as your project, providing a beautiful cohesive look. This pattern also includes several picture tutorials to help you throughout.

You can find this pattern in both our Ravelry and Etsy shops.

Prairie Breeze Mitts – Pattern Release

March 21, 2020

“You have two hands, one to help yourself, the second to help others.”

♡ I think about hands a LOT. Is that weird? I have been trying to instill this idea into my son’s mind.. “Hands are for helping, not for hurting, so make good choices with what you do with your hands.” Boys…

♡I think about artists crafting with their hands, releasing beauty and creativity into the world hoping to move others to feel or respond in a certain way.

♡I think about the hands of so many trying to figure out what to do during this time of confusion… and came to the quote that I began with.. help yourself and help others. What a wonderful idea! Though we are experiencing “social distancing”, we can still think of ways to use our hands to help others.

♡ Back to business… 👐 The Prairie Breeze Mitts pattern is available! This pattern includes 3 sizes ranging from small to large fitting children’s hands from 3yrs to 10 years.

Special thanks to all of my testers. I hope you will consider making a pair or two! Check us out on Etsy and Ravelry. 💕 Have a lovely Saturday.

Prairie Breeze Muff – Pattern Release

March 20, 2020


Trending this Spring… muffs! Actually, I had no idea this was trending, but apparently, muffs are coming back into fashion. I was inspired to make this muff by the Prairie Breeze Bonnet. The bonnet made me reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie and when I started thinking of the type of things they may have used or worn, a muff was one of the first things that came to mind. So, I created this sweet muff as part of the Prairie Breeze collection. I love the sweet fur details and the way little hands hide within it.


The cuteness is too much when you pair this Prairie Breeze Bonnet with the coordinating Prairie Breeze Muff. My daughter loved it. She enjoyed our photoshoot in the field and removed her hand to play with the “caterpillars” (which is just tasseled grass in our field).


This muff pattern also pairs so cutely with the Prairie Breeze Purse! It is a beginner-advanced pattern and works up quickly. It has photo tutorials and other pictures to help along the way. It also includes instructions for an optional wrist strap! Keep a lookout for more Prairie Breeze patterns coming your way! ~💗Rebekah



March 14, 2020

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Tony Robbins

♡I felt that this quote applied so much to pattern testing, which I have been doing my fair share of lately. It has been so fun! Recently, I tested a new hat pattern that is now available from Darcy @deescozycreations . ((Take a moment to appreciate the texture 😍)) As I worked through her pattern, I couldn’t help but enjoy the way her personality showed in her writing. It feels as though she guides you through the entire pattern.

♡It made me think… Communication in patterns and in our daily lives should be that of guidance, hoping to help & understand others, so that we can all grow & live together. ((🎶In Harmony, Harmony, Harmonyyyy🎶))

As you are going about your tasks today, think about the way you are communicating. Watch the face of the person to whom you are speaking to make sure you are effectively communicating. You never know who you may impact or guide along the way.

Xoxo, Rachel

The Wandering Hearts beanie pattern by Darcy @deescozycreations .


Prairie Breeze Cowl – Pattern Release!

March 11, 2020

We are adding another item to our Prairie Breeze series, a cowl!  This pattern has a size for a Toddler/Child cowl or an adult cowl.  This pattern works up so quickly and has adorable results.  The added fur gives a pop of style and fun while the stitches provide a lovely texture.



You can get this pattern from either our Etsy shop or Ravelry store.  Be sure to check out the other items in the Prairie Breeze collection as well! ~ Rebekah

Prairie Breeze Bonnet Spotlight!

March 4, 2020

We have the privilege of being the Maker Spotlight for Pineapple and Pine today which is hosted on Sarah’s blog, The Plush Pineapple, and the Pineapple and Pine Instagram page. Since we released the Prairie Breeze Purse pattern yesterday, we felt it was the perfect pairing to share the Prairie Breeze Bonnet again!

March 201-1

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I created the Prairie Breeze Bonnet!  The inspiration for the Prairie Breeze Bonnet came from so many different sources.  I had a newborn baby and had not been able to do as much designing as I would have liked leading up to Spring.  January through March tend to be my most productive time as a designer and I was feeling a little discouraged that I hadn’t been able to tap into that normal productivity.  As the days started growing warmer, we started getting outside more and I started thinking about crocheting a new hat for my 2 month old baby girl. The inspiration hadn’t really struck, but I kept seeing these adorable sewn bonnets on Instagram.  I didn’t realize that viewing these adorable flatlays and pictures would provide inspiration soon.

February 400

The remaining inspiration came in the form of a gift.  You can visit The Plush Pineapple for the entire story. I love these bonnets and my girls look so adorable when wearing them. I am going to make the baby a new bonnet soon as she’s outgrown hers from last year.

March 073-1

For today only, you can get this bonnet pattern for FREE!!!! Just go to our Ravelry store and use the code BONNET at checkout. Also, for today only, all of our patterns in our Ravelry store are discounted 20%! Take advantage of this spring sale and stock up on all your favorite patterns! ~ Rebekah